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Iberian, Gifts and Baskets of Christmas of Quality

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Terms And Conditions-Our Products

Absolutely all our products fulfil the requirements in the Sanitary Laws of the European Community and are controlled by the strictes quality tests
All the iberian products we offer have been handcraft made in Jabugo by J.M. Jabugo, who has been dedicated to the breeding of the iberian pig and to the elaboration of its derivates for 25 years now.Products' identification: ESP. 10.06874/H. CEE

The characteristics and images of every product are displayed in your monitor. Its ingredients, elaboration, cure time, weight and presentation are duly detailed in the site.


The prices are updated and VAT its not included (7% or 16%).They are expressed in euros.
The Special Offers are duly specified in the OFFERS SECTION, and are only valid while present on the section.All the Special Offers comply with the "Art.5: Special Orders presentation and commercial communications via Internet in the E-Commerce Conduct Code.


Andalucian Shop S.L follows the "European Parliament Directive" related to the legal conditions for e-commerce in local markets. We would like to point out the most important aspects of it:

1.- Before the order is placed: the company providing the goods/services is compelled to clearly specify the terms and conditions of sale of those goods/services (prices, taxes, delivery times, applicable delivery rates...).
2.- Accepting the sale: the customer accepts the sale when he/she places de mouse cursor upon the icon which represents the product or service and click on.
3.- Confirming the order: the sale is made when the customer receives an e-mail acknowledging the receipt of his/her order.
In the e-mail the following details related to the sale should be displayed: purchased product/service bought, price, delivery costs, taxes, buyer details, delivery details, pay method used and order number, in order to allow the customer to check all data are correct.
4.- Obligations between parts: the contracts made through electronic media are subjected to the legal constraints provided by law when the acceptance process is completed, in this case being the medium the email confirmation.
5.- Applicable legislation: the contract will be deemed to have been concluded in accordance with the laws in the Civil and Mercantile codes, as if the contract of sale and purchase would have been made face to face.
After the European Parliament Directive, Andalucian Shop S.L. will send you:

A) Acceptance confirmation e mail: which shows all the relevant details of your purchase. You will receive it a few minutes after your order is placed.
B) E mail confirming the shipment: with the shipment date and the scheduled reception date details.

Payment Way

1.- Online payment: you can pay using the Virtual TPV of BBVA, which accepts VISA, VISA ELECTRON, Master Card, 4B card and Virtual Cash, always that you have SECURE CREDIT CARD VISA or MASTERCARD, reason why you will have to introduce your password to confirm your identity.
When you click on Make payment with credit card in the Virtual TPV you will be redirected to the website of Bank of Santander. Thus neither Andalucian Shop S.L nor the server company will have access to any information about your credit card details. This payment system is supplied by Banesto and is performed with full encryption software using SSL secure server, which provides you the guarantee of the strictest security, and allows you to do an easy, automatic and fast purchase.
Andalucian Shop always incorporating the new security developments offers you the possibility of paying your purchase across the VIRTUAL TPV with the maximum safety, with the new protocol of payment developed by Visa and Mastercard. 

2.- Credit card payment: after the order is completed your VISA, Master Card or 4B card details need to be introduced in order to allow our e-commerce administrator to take the cash. The secure server software encrypts all information you have put, thus guaranteeing the safety of the transaction.

3.- Cash on delivery: the payment will be made once you receive the shipment at your address to the authorised carrier. In Peninsular Spain only.

4.- Bank transfer payment: This way of payment have 3% discount if you pay all the transfer expenses.
You can make the ransfer to the account of Andalucian Shop S.L in BBVA:


After the payment is received we send you an email detailing the delivery and the scheduled reception dates. All of the pay systems are without additional charges.

Returns Policy

Defective products.Andalucian Shop S.L guarantees the quality of its commercialised products. Products below the line of quality specifications will be replaced.
If at the reception of your goods these turn out to be defective, the customer should contact with our Customer Attention Service (CAS), either via email or phone, indicating its defect. Andalucian Shop S.L will take back the item on the date and at the address of your election.
Shortly after Andalucian Shop S.L will send you a replacement.
Andalucian Shop S.L assumes the responsibility of the costs involving the withdrawal and reshipment of the product. The customer will not be held responsible at all for the replacement costs derived from defective products.

To return a good.You can always return your purchase within 7 days after reception of your order if the products are unopened and in their original packages.Andalucian Shop S.L doesn't assume the responsibility of the return costs. The devolutions are handled by the CAS, via email or phone.

Privacy Policy

Andalucian Shop S.L is committed to maintain the absolute confidentiality regarding any personal information provided or handled by us in our website as is stipulated by the L.O.R.T.A.D. All the data provided by the customer are only used to process the orders and to personalize the client's shopping experience.

Our customers will always dispose of a secure server. The secure server software (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. Moreover, all the gathered information is protected against unauthorised access.

Customer Service Department

In our Customer Attention Service at or +34 629 81 68 78 the buyer can claim returns and replacements, request additional information, get further explanations, make proposals for new products and/or suggestions about our website.
When you put an order our CAS will send you:
1.- Order confirmation email.
2.- Shipment confirmation email.


Iberian, Gifts and Baskets of Christmas of Quality
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